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So as a part of digging into the various dating sites, there are personality tests. The one at True.com is pretty elaborate, but trying to get results is a bit of a runaround.

Thought they were interesting.

Personal Characteristics - Summary

  • You have liberal views and attitudes about the world

  • You appear to be very ambitious

  • You're very intellectual

  • You are moderately conscientious

  • You have a high level of integrity

  • You sometimes seek out adventure

  • You have a somewhat adaptable personality

  • Occasionally you behave in a dominant manner

Money Attitudes - Summary

  • You realize the importance of money but it doesn't consume your thoughts

Social Life - Summary

  • Certain facets of your personality may occasionally make it challenging for others to interact with you

  • Having a social network is somewhat important to you

Stress Reaction - Summary

  • It appears that your understanding of your own emotions and those of others is average

  • In general, your reaction to stress is somewhat adaptive

  • You display a few psychological traits that may interfere with your day-to-day functioning

Communication Style - Summary

  • You are somewhat comfortable being vulnerable to your romantic partner

  • You need some emotional intimacy

  • You are somewhat open to accepting your partner's opinions, goals, and input in the relationship

  • You communicate effectively and considerately with other people

  • You have a moderate need for intellectual, thought-provoking discussions with partner

Conflict Resolution - Summary

  • You have relatively strong conflict resolution skills

  • You are somewhat prone to conflict

Relationship Issues - Summary

  • You appear to be almost ready to commit to a serious, long-term relationship

  • You are looking for a companion to have fun with and potentially date long-term

  • Generally, you believe romance should be preserved for special occasions

  • You are somewhat attentive towards your romantic partner

  • You believe in being somewhat chivalrous

  • You have modern gender role beliefs

Attachment Style - Summary

  • Your level of reliance on your partner is occasionally unhealthy

Sex Life - Summary

  • Your sexual experience is average

  • When it comes to sex and sexuality you are quite liberal in your attitudes and behaviors

  • At times, you are tempted to be unfaithful, but you rarely act on those urges

My Ideal Partner

Personal Characteristics

  • Highly emotionally intelligent

  • Has a positive self-concept

  • Believes in doing the "right" thing and behaving with integrity

  • Highly dependable person

  • Somewhat concerned with being neat and organized

  • Has a tendency to stick to a daily routine but is flexible

  • Handles stress with ease

  • Strikes a balance between being dominant and encouraging equal input

Attitudes and Beliefs

  • Optimistic

  • Somewhat spontaneous and fairly open to new experiences

  • Flexible and open character

  • Liberal

  • Has modern perspective on gender roles

  • Thinks that money is of some importance in life

  • Spends wisely

Communication and Conflict

  • Able to communicate effectively

  • Skilled at dealing with conflict

Social Life

  • Has characteristics of both an introvert and an extrovert

  • Possesses good social skills

  • Places moderate importance on relationships with family and friends

Relationship Skills and Attitudes

  • Tolerant and patient; is willing to divulge quite a bit about his/her daily life

  • Moderate need for emotional intimacy

  • Somewhat tolerant individual

  • Willing to rely on others

  • Open to commitment

  • Sexually adventurous and open-minded

  • Usually faithful when in a relationship

  • Willing to discuss his/her feelings

  • Independent

  • Moderate need for control

  • Emotionally steady; tolerant of occasional mood swings

  • Has good control of anger

I don't know that I agree with all of these, but it's reasonably close.

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