Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Call for help.

EDIT: If you need directions, call my cell phone: 6 one 2 2 zero one 2 four nine 7.

1.) I have a trailer full of concrete blocks. I need to have a trailer that is no longer full of concrete blocks, and said concrete blocks in the front yard of the house where I can actually use them.

Thanks to eldogo and stark0228, we is done! Mucho thanks guys!

2.) I have a room full of *stuff* (mostly in plastic bins) that needs to go on to said trailer so that I can make it go away this Saturday.

Barring catastrophe, I'll be trying to unload the trailer tonight after about 6:00. Any help is appreciated. I do have a four-wheel cart and a couple of wheelbarrows so it's not horrendously bad, it's more tedious than anything. Well, one concrete block weighs 36 lbs., so if that's an issue...

The moving of the Barb-stuff is easier and the lesser of evils, but it does involve going into a couple of the scarier parts of the house, namely the basement and the Studio. I'm hoping to wait until Thursday, but if help is available earlier, I can make do.

Also, last call for a trip up to the northland. I have a hotel room at the Comfort Inn in Bemidji for this saturday (Aug 6th). There is a hot tub. And there are two beds in the room, which is unfortunately a smoking room, as I'm bringing my pooch along and they only allow pets in smoking rooms. Plan is to drive up Saturday late morning/early afternoon, then unload either Saturday night or Sunday morning, and drive back home on Sunday.
Aside from just companionship on the drive, some help unloading the trailer into the storage locker would be appreciated. It's not a huge amount of stuff, and there will be at least one other person helping. I'll even buy dinner at Applebee's.


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