Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dr. Jang Chung
61 Leningradsky Prospekt
MOSCOW 125315

I am Dr. Jang Chung a former employee of Yukos Oil Corporation in Russia,
One of Russian's Largest Oil Company.

I was a contract payment officer before the production unit of Yukos oil was
sold. Due to the arrest and the conviction of the president/C.E.O. of Yukos oil
Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, I was able to divert the contract payment of one of
our contractors- Dap Pipelines Corporation, to a Finance firm in Europe.This
contract sums amounts to US$21,000,000.00.(Twenty-one Million United states
dollars only).This money was packaged as consignment and lifted to the Finance
firm, after payment approval was issued to Dap Pipelines Corporations in
Russia.This application and approval was fronted by me to the appropriate
authorities, so that I can get approval to disburse the money which was
inventually diverted to Europe.I want you to know that this is a Top secrete and
it should be treated as CONFIDENTIAL as no one is aware of this except me and
your very self.

You can read more about Yukos Oil Incorporations and the convicted Boss,Mr.
Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky in the below internet links.

Approvals issued to Dap Pipelines Corporation From Yukos oil and The Federal
Ministry of Finance of Russia are available for your perusal. These approval
enabled me in getting the money and eventually diverting and packaging it to the
Finance firm in Europe in my name.

Since the Conviction of Mr. Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky for tax evation, the rest
top rank staff like myself have been on the Russian government search-light. As
a result of this it is not safe for me to travel to Europe to recieve this funds
myself.This is because I could be tailed and traced. Therefore I require you to
assist me in the receipt of this money for safekeeping and onward investment of
the funds.

Your share for this assistance will be 35% of the total US$21,000,000.00. If
you are ready to help me, I will let you have the details of the Finance firm in
Europe so that you can commence communication with them. I will also get you a
POWER OF ATTORNEY to give you the legal authority to recieve the money on my
behalf. I will also get you a CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT in your name from the the
Finance firm to make you the bonafide owner of the consignment.Send your contact
address and your private telephone and fax numbers for the commencement of the
procees of you getting the money.

Get in touch soonest with the above details so that I can give you further
details on how to recieve the money.


Dr. Jang Chung.


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