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Aug. 5th, 2005

I have a number of creative outlets. The most accessible one is probably writing, because it is a rather cheap and solitary exercise, so it's the one that gets the most of my attention right now.

There is sculpting and propmaking. It's a combination of art and craft, and it's generally pretty messy, but it's also very tactile, and sometimes the sensations of various gooey and plastic things can be very soothing.

There is filmmaking. It's about as far from a solitary experience as you can get. It's also logistically difficult, and I'll say more craft than art.

There is woodworking, and metalworking, and building stuff with various materials. Not so much an art as a craft, because almost always these things serve some practical purpose.

There is audio. High art, medium craft.

There is photography. Again, high art, medium craft.

The last two I've been sorely neglecting for far too long, mostly because my studio is filled with crap.

And oddly, I can feel that I've been missing the last two. The last serious audio project that I did was Made Out of People, and the last studio photography that I did was barda. It's literally been years.

I need to get back into the studio. I need to have a creative space again. But there is a change, or maybe it's a refocusing with the photography.

I have a number of things that I want to do in the studio. A number of photographic and sculpture projects where I want to tie together horror and erotica. I suppose this is a way of sublimating my sexuality, but I see it as more of a channeling of pent-up energy into something more creative.

Downside of this is that I need models. Models that are willing to do erotic nude modeling (not pr0n; if you don't know the difference, you probably shouldn't be reading this) that is probably a step beyond some of the fetish stuff that's out there.

It's asking a lot. There is some pretty dark and messed-up stuff in my head. And I don't really know where to look, because it requires models that are rather outside the norm.

It's gonna be a while yet. I need to regain my studio space, which is a battle not readily won. It's a major part of the disencrapification of the Big Broken Box™, and will likely take me through the winter months.


It's not something that I have to do. But if I never explored it, I would be remiss.


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Aug. 5th, 2005 03:42 pm (UTC)
"Models that are willing to do erotic nude modeling"

I'm curious as to what is a step beyond. Makes me wonder if what you consider beyond the norm is actually normal for me.
Aug. 5th, 2005 03:59 pm (UTC)
The norm: most models won't do nudes or erotic modeling at all. The ones who do "erotic" modeling are more specializing in fetish photography, and still rarely do nudes.
There are models that will do nudes and erotic nudes, but most of those are more oriented toward Playboy/Penthouse shoots, and what I want to do is quite removed from the mainstream for that. It's as specialized as some fetish photography, and I suppose it could be in that category.

The most likely candidate is someone who would do pretty much anything. One of the sculptures that I want to do is a life-sized woman's torso, but instead of a head, legs, and arms, those appendages blend into tentacles.

I'll tell you more sometime when we chat.
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