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"I never loved you the way that you deserve to be loved.
There is nothing that I can ever do that will change that.
I'm sorry."

Saturday morning... piled the bag into the truck along with pooch food and a bowl for water, and headed up to Bemidji. One stop at a wayside rest by brainerd, and Sadie got to go swimmimng in the lake. Wet dog in the backseat, and plowed the rest of the way up to Bemidji.
I had dinner with Mom. Sadie got to come with, and even got let into the house, which is a minor miracle. After dinner, I drove to the storage locker and met Barb. We unloaded the trailer, then talked for an hour and a half. The above words came from her.

I went back to the hotel and crawled into the hot tub and died.

Slept the sleep of the sleepy. Since nobody came with me, Sadie claimed the other bed as her own.

This morning, I was going to meet mom for breakfast, but she talked me into coming out to the house again. Sadie got to come in again, and was very sweet, but she really liked being outside in the woods as long as she could see where we were.

The drive back was uneventful, aside from ass-deep weekend traffic.

I am home.

I am pretty messed up emotionally.

I have this odd desire to go to a really sleazy strip club and fondle naked women with whom I have no emotional investment.

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