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Work avoidance

This is turning out to be a very full weekend.

We have a new roommate, at least temporarily. Our friend Val recently graduated from Law school, and is looking for a lawyering job. She is staying with us until she finds work.

This of course means housecleaning, which in my eyes is a chore no matter how fun you try to make it. Add to that all the other rather pressing stuff that is happening (fixing the house, etc.), and it's bleah-icky.

So getting a chance to go to a party is fun. :)

Yesterday was a BBQ at Kristianne & Mark's house in Eden Prairie. New friends. met through the Horror Inc. shoots. Great people. Lots of interesting folks, tasty food, showing of a bunch of movies that were made by the people there-- I think it was the first party I can remember where none of the movies shown were made by other people.

A rather intense game of Cranium, where I think some of the people made up the rules as they went. I still need to get a copy of "are you a werewolf" for such occasions.

Against my better judgement, I indulged in a couple of Woodchuck Pear Ciders. Since the medication, I am affected by alcohol differently, so I generally don't drink anymore. Jury is still out on this one.

Stayed up until something like 3:00 chatting with Kristianne & Mark. Kristianne is an actor/performer with a passion and intensity and a pure joy that comes from performing. She was also divorced (actually annulled) when she was younger, so we spent a lot of time talking about performing, passion, and relationships. Mark is a software guy with an interest in hardware, so we did a lot of geek-speak. Felt so completely welcome in their home it was amazing.

Today is yet another party: a going-away fest for our friend Paul, who leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow. Movies, BBQ, and conversation with friends.

But before I go, I have to clean the upstairs bathroom. And I'm avoiding that. Bleah.

And tomorrow, back to early mornings and work.

As Kristianne would say, "poop".

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