Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

This is what happens when you misjudge. I was again mixing my own chemicals, and it expanded about five times what I was expecting. Unfortunately the prop that came out of this pour was total crap.

So I decided to try some solid urethane rubber. The product is actually called POR-A-MOLD, and it's designed for architectural moldmaking.

This is the pull as it came out of the mold. No flashing. Although you see how it looks kinda wet and shiny? Well, you see this is the same stuff that they made the Wacky Wall Walkers out of. Remember those? You'd throw them at the wall and they'd stick, and sort of slowly roll themselves down the wall? Or those funky pet hair rollers that are washable, and they get all sticky?
That's the stuff.

This is the most unbelievably sticky prop in existence. I have it currently coated with baking soda so handling it isn't a weird uncomfortable experience.

And it's heavy, almost as heavy as the real gun. As flexible as it is, I wouldn't want to get hit by it.

And yeah, it's really flexible. Like sex-toy wobbly. But the black and silver pigment that I added really worked well. You can't really see it in the photos but the color is very good.

The mold release interfered with the curing a bit I think. I ended up having to clean uncured urethane out of the mold in the high-detail spots, so tomorrow I think I'll try a different release agent and the flexible foam urethane.

Tony, I need the knife pronto.


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