Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I was feeling a bit sick last night when I got home, so I planned to go to bed fairly early.


I ended up doing a bunch of little piddly crap, and tried pouring some different materials for the gun. Discovered that the flexible foam has a working time of about 15 seconds, which isn't enough to get it in the mold, but is plenty to get all over everything else, including my hands.

In a last-ditch effort, I mixed the two-part rubber mix with the two-part foam mix just to see if I could get a thicker foam with a longer working time. It's bad chemistry, but I figured that the worst that could happen was a gooey mess, but by some miracle of modern man, it actually worked. I know have a foam-rubber gun.

And my fingers are black.

I also fixed Tony's steadycam by making a new mounting head for the camera. I shall say new and improved, because it's better than it was. Better design.

Right before I went to bed, Sadie and I went out into the backyard. As we were coming in, Micha (the pain in the ass cat) made a beeline for outside, and managed to get out the door and ran away before I could catch him. I tried finding him, but he REALLY wanted to be outside, and there was no getting him back. So he got to stay outside.

This morning when I let Sadie out before I left for work, I heard plaintive mewing. Sadie heard it too, and was all excited about something under the shed. Sure enough, it was the stoopid kitty, all filthy and mad because I had dared to leave him outside all night long.

No time to give him a bath this morning, so that may happen tonight. Though it's more likely that I will do some cleaning, because the house really needs it. It's kind of a pissing-in-the-wind feeling, but it would probably keep me from tripping over shit and stepping on odd things in the middle of the night.

Of course, when I say odd things, I mean literally odd things. The cats found that the bits and pieces of foam that I culled off the overpours and flashing make really good cat toys, and the cardboard box full of them was somehow knocked off of the TV set. And when you are half asleep and walking in your bare feet, stepping on a really oddly shaped piece of urethane foam is a bit unsettling. It feels alive.

Just stepped out to get lunch. It's pretty nice-- a little warm maybe, but still awfully nice. Maybe I should plan on bricking tonight and cleaning tomorrow and friday when it's supposed to be raining.

I now have three weed whackers. One I bought, and two non-working ones that mom foisted upon me. One of the non-working ones is gas powered, but the engine hasn't been run in almost 20 years. I can hardly wait to get it on the bench and open it up.

Which reminds me that I need to clean out and organize the storage shed. And probably finish it off, since I still haven't put siding on it. I want to put storage shelves in it on one side so that I can actually use the space. Right now it's just sort of haphazardly piled, and I can't actually go into the shed.

This Saturday, I am triple-booked. Company picnic, Ultraviolet marathon, and HALO PC LAN gaming. I'm pretty okay with dissing the company picnic, but the other two call to me. And I really should get work done on days that I have off of work (that sounds bad even writing it), so I probably shouldn't go to either.

And then there's the basement. I REALLY need to set up a workbench/lab area, probably even before I clean out the shed. I should really make that a priority on those rainy days.

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