Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A couple of things.

1.) I have a bed from when I was in Iowa. It's a queen-size bed with a space foam mattress, box spring and frame. It's currenly in the Room Where No One Walks (which really needs a new name now), but it is really too big for that room. And the only room that really is big enough is the studio, and I don't think I really want a queen-size bed in the studio (unless I decide to start making porn). I don't want to throw it out, because it's an expensive bed, and it's almost freaking new. I already have a queen-sized bed that I sleep on.

So should I:

A.) Try to sell it
B.) Try to come up with a space-saving flip-up Murphy bed kind of thing so it's out of the way when I'm not using it
C.) Move it into the studio and make porn
D.) Other (specify)

2.) I really want studio space. The ideal thing would be long-term ownership of someplace that had really high ceilings (32 feet would be perfect, but I could live with 16 feet) and monster clear space inside, like 60 x 100 feet.
Minneapolis allows for a 12-foot median height, and a max. height of 16 feet. Total area of 676 sq. ft. or 10% of lot size, whichever is greater (my lot is less than 5000 sq. ft, so we're looking at 26 ft x 26 ft max).
Now a 26 x 26 foot garage would be huge on my lot. It would take up a significant chunk of the backyard. And it would still be really small to use as a studio (figure with wall thickness and all I'd have maybe 25 x 25 feet maximum). It is possible to get a variance, but it's pretty unlikely unless you can show specific reasons, and none of my reasons are viable.

I could concievably add a floor to the house. Just saying that sounds expensive. And really it doesn't give me any more space than a garage would, though it doesn't take up any yard space.

I could do an attached garage, replacing the old garage. Unfortunately, that gives me even less space because of setbacks and maximum widths and all.

I'm believing that I'm not gonna be able to do studio space at the house.

So I have options:

A.) Sell the house and move somewhere that has more land and fewer restrictions (like a hobby farm).
B.) Rent a warehouse space somewhere. Live in the house, have the studio in the warehouse.
C.) Buy a warehouse somewhere, convert part of it to a loft. Live there.
D.) Pave the backyard and put up a really big canopy.
E.) Talk Tony & Kristi into building a 40x60 foot studio in their backyard. Promise to do all of the interior electrical and carpentry work.
F.) Find a friend who already has a really huge building that they're not using.
Z.) Stop pursuing the silly dream.

I realize it's a long-term plan. Unlikely that I'll be able to do anythying studio-ish soon anyway. Still, comments, questions, suggestions?

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