Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Grocery shopping. Got home from work. Petted the dog. Fiddled about in general, prepped food for the Ultraviolet marathon.

Triple booked. Company Picnic, Ultraviolet Marathon, Halo LAN gaming. The LAN game was a late entry, but I was thinking that I could slide from the UV marathon into HALO mode. This was of course because my brain was not functioning-- I think I left the Asylum around midnight or 12:30, something like that.
Then again, it was a grand time. chebutykin and cajones were set up quite nicely and had an excellent plan for garlic-based snackies. And it was good, though I did so verily pumpkin at the end of the night.

Cranky. Various reasons. This was to be a cleaning and hermitage day, but the call of the filmmaker came upon me, and I ended up heading out to Casa de Bruno for some preliminary planning work on the opening scene for the movie.
The good news is that I don't have to make a detailed casting of the knife. I'll make a quickie stunt-knife out of foam, and get some plastic tubing for blood flow.
Had an interesting side conversation with a real estate agent verifying the issues with the title, and verifying that it's probably time for a lawyer.

Work. Presentation, verification that I know what the hell I'm doing. Meetings up the 'zoo.

Get tubing, get propane, make foam knife, prep gel/grip kit, monitor, lights, etc. for shooting tomorrow night. Means I need to pack the truck tonight as well.

Tuesday night:
We start shooting at Casa de Bruno. I'm heading up as soon as possible after work for lighting setups. Shooting goes until 11:15 on an extremely tight schedule; I'm betting we go past midnight.

Wednesday night:
Second night of shooting. Again a tight schedule all the way up to 11:45.

Beyond that, nothing is scheduled. I need to do some CAD work and get plans drawn up for the foundation to submit before I pour concrete.

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