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Big sucky things

Long day yesterday. Too little sleep the night before, followed by a lot of delving into uncommented code left my brain warped.

Got home to find that my prescription that was supposed to be ready last Friday was finally ready, so I went to the pharmacy to pick it up. Got back home, and Val asked me if the internet connection was down.

Sure enough it was.

So I am now without a connection at home, for some yet-to-be-determined amount of time. The only access I have is at work, which is severely limited.

This bites.

So if I seem uncommunicative, I am, but not by choice.

Followed that up with a meeting that went well despite my exhaustion, the intensely fast cutting of a bunch of wood, and the frustrating realization of all the little crap that has to be done this week, and I was frustrated in the extreme.

Then the computer started acting up.

I ended up doing an error-check and defrag, and gave up and went to bed. Late as usual. This morning, the defrag was complete and there were no disk errors reported... but the disk reports 75G size on an 80G drive, and I don't know if that's normal. I know the formatting takes up space.

Time for a backup of critical data. Good thing I have that Samba server up.

(Oooh, is that sarcasm I hear drip-drip-dripping?)

This week I have to:

  • Excavate & clean the front porch

  • Load, assemble and dub commercials

  • Scan negatives for publicity photos

  • Create CAD drawings (first find my CAD program!)

  • Wire up two new network locations

  • Design a lighting controller and order parts

It's a busy week.

So until later, Snohomish.

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