Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Poll #554792 Catbox

How often should you change the cat litter?

Once a month
Once a year
When the old cat dies

I think I've had close to a gallon of water to drink today. At first I was thinking it was dehydration from yesterday, but now I'm thinking more flu. And today I am sweating profusely, though in not quite so sexy a way as lucyruthe.

Soup seems okay so far.

Sadie has been very much a with-dog today. She can tell that I'm sick, and she's been being very sweet and comforting. Of course, she's probably glad that I'm home since I've been pretty much gone for the last two days, but it's still sweet.

Oooh, hey, welding stuff. alisgray reminded me of the learning-to-weld thing that so many folks seem to have an interest in. This is probably gonna end up being a bunch of smaller sessions just because of limited resources (I only have one welder and one spare viewing helmet), so there will be some flexibility, but I was thinking that this should probably be some sort of a make-your-own-thing kind of workshop. I was thinking of something fairly simple like a picture frame (a welded picture frame could look pretty cool) or a stool, but I thought I'd get some input as to what those interested parties might want to do.

Remember, if you've never welded before, it's probably not something that you want to take on as an aesthetic project or something structural or safety related. An art project could be cool.

Second is scheduling. I know Fest is here, and Burning Man is coming soon, and I am up to my cloaca in crocodiles with film stuff and house construction. By the time I get free-ish, it may need to be indoors, in my scary basement. If you are allergy-prone, it may be better to wait until spring.

I do have a project that I need to do for moi-- welding a camera dolly frame-- which I need to do soonish. I could probably have an observer or two just as an intro.

Let me know if you're interested.
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