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Back riding the monkey today. Tummy is still wonky, but the headache is down to a mild throb. I have the feeling that an extra 18 hours or so of sleep was a good thing.

I resculpted the bed last night. It's a kind of silly thing, but I realized this morning that I have a group of pillows that I cuddle with during the night. I realize that may cut down my scary and intimidating status a little bit.

Stop that snickering. If the Grand Moff Tarkin can wear bunny slippers, I can hug a pillow or two.

Sadie was very sweet to me yesterday. Even Micha (A.K.A. The Dark Master) was sweet to me and became cuddle kitty. Poose and Dorky were pretty aloof as usual, waiting for FoodBringer. And of course, this morning, Sadie didn't want me to leave.

First thing at work was an interview for a contract programming position. I am mildly astonished at how difficult it is to find crossover programmers-- folks with more than one discipline under their belts. I suppose it's more an artifact of the mindset that is common in the programming world, but still...

I think I'll try to down a salad for lunch today. I'm just not up to anything stiffer.

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