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Will have sex for food

It's bad when you find blood in your urine.

It's worse when you discover it's somebody else's blood.

I'm taking some work home this weekend to help make up for being sick yesterday. Main idea is I'd like to have the modules coded and have some preliminary tests done for Monday's meeting.

This bit I can do at home. Heck, I could pack up and go home now and pick up there. It might be less distracting.

What I really want to do this weekend is hook up with some hot babes. All things considered, that seems pretty unlikely: most of the ones I know are busy doing other things this weekend, and I don't think any are really looking for the hook-up in magicmarmot style (which likely involves heavy lifting and/or butt touching).

So I shall likely spend the weekend working on brainy-brain stuff.

Watched a part of ALIEN with commentary last night. It's a really discontinuous commentary, patched together out of pieces from individuals and groups recorded at different times. Fairly interesting, though I get the impression that Dan O'Bannon has an ego the size of the Nostromo. And I was rather happy with the quality of the transfer; the image is beautiful and looks brand new. I just wish they had some time with Ridley Scott talking about the lighting design. He managed to use snoots in a heavily smoked atmosphere without shafts of light appearing, and that's a serious trick.

I am envious when I see a big studio space and essentially an infinite amount of lighting instruments to use; it's like being a musician and hitting a huge professional studio with every kind of equipment you would ever want. Yet at the same time, I'm pretty happy with my little stash of lights. I've never used all of them on any one shoot (though I have come close a couple of times), and I've been able to handle most anything through some creative and judicious ingenuity.

Of course, I want a studio to play in. I'd really like to be able to build standing sets, designed with lighting built in, and be able to shoot a series. And that would probably mean wanting more lights.
Then again, if I were shooting a series, I would probably be doing it for money, and could justify a space like that. But Hoo Dogies, after shooting in the garage because of rain and seeing the lovely sets at Landroval, I am jealous.

Cha, I am to go now. Toodles, poodles.

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