Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The tent, moved into the garage "studio" when it started raining.

Conrad getting made up as the vampire. It's missmollygrue behind the sponge.

Kate's makeup. It's astonishing how good it looked, even up close.

Fearless Leader avindair looking all smug and suave. This was early in the evening.

Rocky as Lugash. Note the nifty blackout screen. That was in place for the shots out the tent door; since it's a night scene, it's dark outside. Of course, walking in or out of the tent was a little tricky, since you couldn't walk straight more than a step or two.

How to make moonlight. That's a 1k open face and a 55W fluorescent with blue gels. I hate using blue gels for "night", but it's a kind of shorthand, and the color was an important piece of the equation.

My faux flame rig. That's a 500W fresnel with a fairly complex diffuser/gel combo in front. The thing that looks like a fan with a bunch of mylar ribbon attached to the grill is a fan with a bunch of mylar ribbon attached to the grill.

Josh doing some behind-the-scenes video shooting, saveau holding the blackout screen temporarily in place. The faux flame is operating.

The faux flame in operation. It was freaking loud, which means that we have to ADR all the dialogue for the scene, as well as completely doing all of the background sound.
The flame rig is not intended to be filmed directly, but when we ended up with some of the mylar ribbons getting in a shot, they actually looked real enough to stay.

The flame in operation. The light on the garage door is for a basic bounce fill. With more than 2500 watts of light on at any one time, it got hot inside the garage. Think sweaty oven.

Conrad, Rick, Kate and Kristi.

Conrad and Rick. Moonlight is on.

Wrapped at the end of the day. Note the look of exhaustion on Tony's face.

It was a good day of shooting.


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