Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Epic. I was for some reason riding a tricycle on a trip down somewhere (110 miles) past Chicago to visit my mother. It wasn't a kid's trike, it was a pretty sophisticated thing, with some sort of red anodized alloy rims, and it allowed me to keep up with traffic pretty well (Chicago to Minneapolis in 8 hours).

I made the trip down rather uneventfully, and had a relatively nice visit. I was heading back and running into traffic issues around Chicago. One thing in particular was a sailboat on a trailer that was having a problem with its sails being partly furled. It pulled off the highway and I followed to see if I could help. It was a big enough boat that it also had its own engine. I remember that I helped fix the issue (circuit breaker was blown) and that once they got the engine started, it was remarkably quiet (and completely pained with marine gray epoxy paint).

Somehow I had lost my cell phone, wallet, and something else-- thinking I had left them at my mother's house, she went back to get them. I waited at a restaurant before realizing that my wallet and the other thing were packed in my duffel, and the cell phone was at the restaurant-- apparently I had left it there charging and forgotten it on the trip down. Someone had stepped on it and broken it, but I was able to put it back together enough to get it to reboot. Some of the phone numkbers were lost, including my mother's.

I remember groaning that I still had an eight-hour trip ahead of me on this tricycle, and that I needed to eat something because my legs were already getting wobbly. I started wondering why I hadn't picked a bicycle because the trike seemed really impractical.

Everything kind of faded from there.

When I woke up, I was really groggy and confused, and a couple of hours late for work.

The confusion and groggy feeling has lasted, and is still with me.

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