Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I got home last night, changed out of my work clothes and into shorts and my robe and was sitting down to the computer when the doorbell rang.
Now usually when the doorbell rings, it's somebody wanting money, or running for political office, or something similar. Sadie runs to the front window and barks like a maniac, so if I don't want to talk to somebody, it's easy to just let her bark.
This time it looked like a couple of attractive women. And I am weak. I went to the door.

"Hi there."

The first woman was blonde, and extremely pretty in a very nordic way. The second one who stood back a bit was darker, with a kind of exotic asian look. The blonde spoke up.

"Hi, I'm Inga, and this is Rika. We just moved in to the house a couple down from you."

Sadie was still barking her fool head off, and nosed her way out the door, where she started doing her crotch sniffing best. The two women took it well, and started laughing. I managed to get Sadie shoved back inside, and apologized profusely.

Inga told me that they had seen all of the tools and the work that I was doing to the house, and figured that I might be pretty handy, and wondered if I could come over and look at their hot tub controls that weren't working. And who am I to say no to such a thing?

So I put on pants, grabbed my toolbox and headed over.

The hot tub controls were a relatively easy fix-- some corroded contacts in the air switches, which just took some time to sand with some emery cloth. In the meantime I got to talking with Inga. I found out that they both moved here from Amsterdam, that Rika was half-Japanese and didn't speak english all that well, that they were both taking graduate courses at the U of M, and they both did modeling on the side to make money.
I told them my story of the breakup and how I ended up with the Big Broken Box™ all by myself. Rika ended up laughing at the translation; apparently it is something amusing in Japanese.
Inga noted that I must be lonely in that big house all by myself. I nodded and reminded her that besides Sadie, there were three cats, so I'm not really all by myself.
And I got the hot tub started. Inga and Rika applauded and cheered, and suddenly started taking off their clothes. I was embarrassed, and started putting away the tools when Inga invited me to join them.

Who am I to argue?

So then there were the three of us, naked in the hot tub. It turns out that Rika knows massage, so she started rubbing my shoulders, and Inga started rubbing my feet and legs... it was bliss.

Suddenly, a monkey flew out of my ass.

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