Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Thinking that one of the days this weekend may be reorganizing the shed. As much as I want need to get the blockwork done, I have rather a swath of tools in the un-garage that really need to either exist in the basement or in the shed. The shed is smaller and easier to handle for purposes of cleaning.

Barb is coming down this weekend. Maybe I can get her help.

Or maybe I need to build another shed. :)

That's not as funny as it sounds. A lot of what is in the shed is building materials for the porch foundation that won't be used now, including a bunch of 1/2" CDX plywood. I could actually make a quick-and-dirty temporary shed that the city would tell me to tear down in a second. Realistically, I could move it out for the time being and put in shelves so I could organize the stuff that goes in the shed in a much better fashion.

And I could cut out that freakin' attic door so I could use the upper space for storage, like it was intended.

And now I must retreat back into the shallows.

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