Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Took a couple of hours this morning to run some needed errands. First I hit Cinequipt to get some specialty lighting & grip stuff that I've needed, and dipped if they didn't have the exact stuff I was looking for. I also got a couple more grip arms and heads, because I know I'm gonna need 'em.

Next, a quick drive-by at Menards for some steel stock; I'm doing a modification to a lighting fixture. And again, dipped if they didn't have a real handy tool on clearance that was exactly what I need.

Tonight is hopefully time to wrangle up the modifications to my old Junior. The nice thing is that the modifications are reversible, so if I want to go back to a light fixture that sucks 20 amps out of a socket, I can. As you might guess, it doesn't get used a hell of a lot. First of all, it's chunky big. It's around 12" in diameter, and probably 15 inches long. Second, it's heavy: it's made of steel. Third, it's a junior, which means it uses a junior pin instead of a baby pin to mount ( a junior pin is a little over an inch in diameter, a baby is 5/8") so I have to have a special stand for it that's also made of steel and heavy. And for the light it puts out, I can usually use a couple of smaller lights if I really need it.
I've actually only used it on location once when we were out in the woods filling the place up with fog and zombies and needed a backlight. We had a generator to power everything.

With the modifications, the power consumption drops in half, and the light output increases something like 3 times. It's worth it, because there are times I need a bloody lot of light to shoot. This light will suddenly become a lot more useful, and it will open up some areas of lighting setups that I hadn't been able to try before.

It may not work. It's a damn tight fit, and it requires some nifty machining and the application of some more modern engineering techniques (the fixture is a 1930's design) to make it all fit and be smooth.
But you know, I gotta try.

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