Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Anfang fluffy goober pot.

Yes, that would be the voices in my head simply speaking gibberish. Which is probably a good thing because right now I'm awash in a broken pile of stuffthatmustbedone.

I have movie stuff to work on, like some effects that need to be handled and handed back to Fearless Leader, and some props that I need to build, and a couple more that I need to figure out how to build.
There is a buttload of work on the porch that needs to happen.
I need to figure out whether I need to get the big sewer snake and chop roots out of the main sewer line, or if my basement clog is something more insidious.
I need to clean out the laundry room completely before the mold and mildew sets in.
I need to clean.
I need to mow the lawn and weed whack.
I need to move the tools and such from the porta-garage into the basement.
I need to create space in the basement for the tools first.
I need to clean out the shed.
I need to clean out the studio.
I need to get Barb's project printed so I can prep for the color correction of footage as well as any effects work I need to do.
I need to prep for the upcoming secret project, which kicks off in something like two weeks.

But I think most of all, I need to spend some time with my pooch, and get some rest.
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