Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

As a part of my debt to society, last night I watched Love Object, a dandy little low-budget film somewhere between horror and suspense/thriller. Seeing as it also has Udo Kier, it is a favorite of mine. (Check out his filmography. The man is a working actor.)

It's a pretty cool movie. It's definitely low-budget, but the characters are really well done, and the film has some downright creepy moments.

(aside: Tony, check this out.)

Of course I watch these films from a different perspective than most. I have a lot of focus on the production: the lighting, the sound, the technical details. And this was a better-than-competently shot movie. And it was bright, which was a surprise. Almost everything was well-lit, and didn't take place in darkness.

One of the reasons that I like doing horror-ish movies is that they are almost always dark and in confined spaces. That makes them a lot easier to light when you have a limited budget for lighting equipment, or are just using what you have. Of course, it also makes the lighting an active component in the story, so it becomes more important that something that's very high-key, like Daylight at High Noon in the Desert.

So seeing a "horror" movie shot very brightly was unexpected, though most of the creepy stuff was in the dark or in very artificially lit situations. And it wasn't just carried off by the actors, since one of the "actors" was actually a doll that didn't move.

I've been pretty lucky so far in that the stuff that I've been shooting has been rather darkly oriented. I think the only thing that I've done so far that was in daylight was a commercial and maybe an industrial or two. It makes me wonder how I would do something that's more high-key or outdoors.

I probably need to do it just to stretch.

And yet another film-y project has popped up on the horizon. Still a blip on the radar at this point, but it's nonetheless there.
Tags: delerium, filmmaking, prey

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