Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

127 questions about sex

1. Gender male
2. Sexual Preference Often. Straight.
3. Habits Of Masturbation (once a month/week/day) Um... not keeping track. Weekly?
Have You Ever...
4. Played Spin The Bottle? Yep.
5. Fantasized about playing spin the bottle? Yep.
6. Played 7 minutes in heaven? Don't know what this is.
7. Fantasized about playing 7 minutes in heaven? Nope.
8. Kissed a member of the same sex? Yes.
9. Fantasized about kissing a member of the same sex? No.
10. Done 69? Yes.
11. Fantasized about doing 69? Yes.
12. Fondled a member of the same sex? Not sexually.
13. Been fondled by a member of the same sex? Not sexually.
14. Wanted to fondle or be fondled my a member of the same sex? No.
15. Had sex with a member of the same sex? Not intentionally.
16. Fantasized about having sex with a member of the same sex? No.

The following questions are based on the relation of baseball to sexual activities:
First base - the neck up,
Second base - neck down to waist,
Third base - sucking and lickin
Home - fuckin

17. Age when you made it to first base? 16.
18. Place you made it to first? Front seat of my car.
19. Name of the person you made it to first with? Denise.
20. Age when you made it to second base? 17
21. Place you made it to second? My bedroom
22. Name of the person you made it to second with? Danita
23. Age when you made it to third base? 18
24. Place you made it to third? Her bedroom
25. Name of the person you made it to third with? I don't remember...
26. Age when you made it Home? 18
27. Place you made it home? Her bedroom
28. Name of the person you made it home with: Same person.

Have you ever had sex... yes.
29. in the back seat of a car? Yes.
30. in the front seat of a car? Not successfully.
31. on the hood of a car? Yes.
32. in the trunk of a car? No.
33. in a car, while someone was driving? No.
34. in a swimming pool/hot tub? Yes.
35. in the ocean/river/pond/lake? On a lake in a rubber raft.
36. On/In a public beach/swimming pool/hot tub/lake/river? Yes.
37. in a public place? (ex restaurant, club etc.) Yes.
38. While someone else was watching? Yes.
39. in your house with your parents/grandparents present? Yes.
40. while tied up/bounded? Not successfully.
41. with 2 or more people? if so what gender were they? No.
42. with an inanimate object? (ex: dildo, cucumber, mayonnaise) Yes. No mayo.

Sexual positions/etc...
44. Name the three most unusual positions you've ever had sex in Hanging upside down. Straddling a bean-bag chair. um... bound?
45. Name the three most unusual places you've had sex in Video store, rubber raft, her parents waterbed
46. Name the worst sexual experience Wife calling out somebody else's name
47. Name the best sexual experience Hours of teasing followed by great head
48. Give the number of people you've had sex with12
49. Now give the real number of people you've had sex with 12
50. Seriously, give the real number of people you've fucked 12
51. Name all the people you've had sex with. No.
52. IF you were to be sent to a deserted Island ... with No hope of rescue, and no one to keep you company, what would you take with you, given the choice?
A bevy of hot babes. And a replicator.
53. Is there anything sexual, that you've not done that you would like to do, Or
anything that you have done that you wish you could forget?
Yes. A threesome would be nice.
54. Is there someone that you would like to have sex with that you haven't? Well, sure.
55. Is there something that you would like to try, sexually that you have not yet? Yes.
56. Have you ever masturbated in a public place? Yes.
57. Have you ever masturbated in your parents and or siblings bedroom? No.
58. Have you ever been interrupted while masturbating? Yes.
59. Have you ever walked in on someone masturbating? Yes.
60. Have you ever been aroused by the thought of watching someone masturbate? Yes.
61. Have you ever watched someone masturbate? Yes.
62. Have you ever allowed someone to watch YOU masturbate?Yes.
63. Does the thought of watching two members of the opposite sex arouse you? Depends on what they're doing.
64. Does the thought of watching two members of the same sex arouse you? Again, it depends. Opposite me or each other?
65. Does the thought of sexual role play excite or interest you? Yes
66. Have you ever participated in sexual role play? Yes
67. Have any of these questions made you uncomfortable? No not really.
68. Have any of these questions made you horny? Maybe a little.
69. Are you going to go masturbate/have sex now? No.
70. favorite time of day to have sex? Any.
71. favorite positions? Generally horizontal
72. fetishes? Not so much. Touching and massage.
73. favorite place to have sex? Bed.
74. favorite people to have sex with? The living.
75. fantasies? which one?
Many, no particular favorite.
76. what kind of people are you attracted to? Strong women. Talented creative women.
77. what turns you on? Touching. Gentle caresses. Being taken.
78. pubic hair? natural, shaved or trimmed, none? Trimmed or none.
79. favorite sex toy? Not mayonnaise.
80. do you own any porn? Yes.
81. ever been told to shut the fuck up while fucking? Yes.
82. have you ever busted out laughing while fucking? Yes.
83. how many times a day or how often do you have sex? Every six months or so.
84. do you give head? Muff-diving championship medal.
85. do you enjoy it? Oh hell yes.
86. ever wanted to fuck a cartoon character? Sure.
87. do you intend to breed? Maybe.
88. have you ever been penetrated with a foreign object? Not intentionally.
89. have you ever tried to have sex with someone that was sleeping? No
90. has anyone ever tried to have sex with you while you were sleeping? Not that I know of.
91. if someone were to pay you 2 million dollars once every year for the rest of your life would you fuck a farm animal? how about a parking meter? what kind of animal? An animal-- probably. 2 million a year is pretty enticing. Don't know how to fuck a parking meter.
92. have you ever had sex with someone that farted while you were fucking them? Yes, thus the laughing.
93. if the phone rings while your fucking do you answer it? Not unless I'm on call.
94. have you ever tied someone up? whipped them? Yes. No.
95. if someone you were very attracted to that were 10 or more years younger than you wanted to fuck you, would you? how about older? Yes. Yes. I'd go 20.
96. would you fuck your best friends boy/girl friend while they were out of town?If we all agreed to, sure.
97. what if they were REALLY hot? Well then yes!
98. have you ever had sex w/ a pregnant chick? No.
99. have you ever had sex w/ someone that was obese? Yes.
100. have you ever performed analingus? No.
101. have you ever had analingus performed on you? No.
102. have you ever had an orgy? Never hosted, but I've participated.
103. what's the largest number of people you've had sex with at the same time? one. Three at the same event.
104. have you ever had sex at a party? Yes.
105. on camera? Yes.
106. have you ever been turned on during a medical exam? No.
107. do drugs increase your sexual experience? Some do.
108. have you ever been raped? I've been sexually abused.
109. do you scratch, tear, bite and scream? No.
110. does girl on girl hard core action turn you on? Sometimes.
111. how about anal? Not so much.
112. do you talk during sex? Generally I have my mouth full.
113. leather or lace? Both
114. do you like to be scratched? Lightly caressed
115. any genital piercings? None.
116. would you fuck someone in a hospital? Sure.
117. do you like cum? I like to cum. Otherwise Silly Putty is more fun.
118. how long does it take you (on average) to cum on your own? 15 min.
119. with someone else? 30-120 min.
120. have your genitals ever fallen asleep? Not by themselves.
121. if you were in an open relationship would you want your partner to tell you before or after they had sex w/ someone else? Yes.
122. do you think you're a good fuck? I'm great at cunnilingus. Not so much the fucking.
123. do other people? Yes.
124. do you like to be spanked? No.
125. are you submissive or dominating during a regular day? Both.
126. have you ever had phone sex? No.
127. what's the perfect dick size? Whatever works.

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