Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The picnic. saveau and Lady Saveau had invited friends to a picnic for which there was much speculation as to the announcement of their engagement; we were off by half, as they announced their marriage, and the subsequent name change. There was much gentle ribbing and bee wrasslin', but a lot of heartfelt goodness because they really are a good couple. I don't think I've ever seen the new Mr. S happier.

The rest of the day was spent mostly working on a new light fixture which has been summarily dubbed the Magic Eyelight. Comments were mostly that it looked like a cross between a bundt cake pan and a borg implant with gaffer tape wrapped around it. I did make for a pretty cool shot of saveau's eyes in closeup, though it wasn't exactly the effect that I wanted. To get what I wanted would mean a ring about four feet in diameter with a one-foot hole cut in the center. I'll have to make one eventually, but for right now, nuh-uh.

Sasha had her younger sister over for a sleepover, so I think they had fun. I did get called on to fix the VCR (which involved putting new batteries in the remote, go me).

This was the day of the second location shoot at Alleygator's, and the first day of shooting our villain Lucretia, played by the lovely Robin. We started at 11:00, and shot steadily until 4:30 or so. And by steadily, I mean almost continuously with no breaks. An endurance challenge. And for some reason, I was in a rather playful mood all day, which helped to counter Fearless Leader's initial grumpy countenance (he was dancing a bit by the end of the day, so it must have worked).

There was a brief encounter with some Viking fans who came in to watch the game and set up at a table that was directly in shot, then got miffed when Tony let them know that we were shooting a film. They left in something of a huff which was a bit frustrating, but at least they didn't become belligerent.

We managed to pull off 23 setups for one rather complicated scene. I don't think I sat down for more than 30 seconds at a time but once when I ran the camera for a relatively complex pan shot that heralded seven takes or so. Despite the gruel, everyone managed to stay relatively chipper and deliver some dandy performances. And there was really only one take where we entirely missed the light stand that was in shot.

Despite our best efforts, it was declared by Fearless Leader that we would need yet another day for shooting at Gators because it was starting to fill with patron folk.

We hung out and ate dinner and had some entertaining conversation. I snuck in and gave Robin a back massage which she seemed to enjoy, and we waited iuntil it started to get dark and set up for some outdoor shots.

Two bits that were originally planned for dolly shots, but ended up being too cumbersome so they were relegated to shakycam shots. Three lights. And an unidentified number of mosquitoes.

Then back to Casa de Bruno for the watching of the dailies. And it was a glorious thing. We rocked hard through the shoot, and there was some really good stuff. A lot of it. Most of it in fact. And it was a lot of feeling good about what we had done.

Then home to sleep.

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