Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

LJ Interests meme results

  1. complexity theory:
    The inherent belief that no matter how complex an analogic problem is, it is always made up of simple pieces. Note that this doesn't mean that the problem can analytically be broken down into those constituent pieces; sometimes the complexity is inherently one-way.

    It's implicity bound with chaos theory and information theory, which are also side-loves of my great intellectual mistress, the nature of consciousness.
  2. dog magic:
    If you have a dog, sometimes you play magic tricks on the dog. Like "Hey look, here's your bone! Now it's gone! Where did it go?"
  3. fetish clothing:
    One of my latent hobbies is photography, and one of my favorite subjects is fetishwear. And really only because of the way that light reflects off of the contours...
  4. haunting:
    The love of horror and Halloween should probably clue y'all in to why I loves me some haunting. It's the sense of being the master of illusion, dawg.
  5. joss whedon:
    Buffy. Angel. Firefly. Alien 4. Joss Whedon as a director/producer has kicked my ass six ways from Sunday with some of the stuff he's done. The Buffy episode "Hush" is a prime example: when he won an award for the dialogue writing on "Buffy", he wrote an episode that was entirely without dialogue that was one of the creepiest ever done.
    Then there's the Buffy musical. And Firefly. And Serenity.

    The man rocks. Sometimes I hate him. :)
  6. making horror movies:
    I make movies. I love horror movies. Make the logical leap, babe.
  7. pretentious crap:
    Sometimes I like to make fun of folks who tend to come off as pretentious. Myself included.
  8. set building:
    Building sets for movies. It's still all in the master of illusion category, which is kind of my existential centroid.
  9. strip poker:
    Not so much the poker as the gettin' nekkid.
  10. you smell like butt:
    Not an advantage while playing strip poker.

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