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Cave troll

I think I'm underrunning my sleep buffer. I seem to have hit this state where I am awake and dreaming at the same time. I am functioning within the confines of my environment just fine, but there is this invisible world just outside that environment that is filled with remnants of dreams. Kinda like that feeling after you just wake up when you've had a really vivid dream and it hangs with you for a while, except this one isn't going away and it's dynamic, changing all the time. And there is a definite separation, a knowledge that it is not part of the "real" world. Nothing concrete either. If you are a synaesthete, you know the feeling.

Last night was filled with stuff. I had to put a new shelf in the refrigerator, which required hunting down a piece of 1/4" plexiglass. Took a little doing, but I found a place that not only had it in stock, but cut it to a custom size. 20 bucks though. And there was the taking out of the trash, which was all heavy and filled the freaking dumpster. And the last bit of scanning and conversion for Adrienne.

I realized that from when I wake up in the morning until I get home is almost exactly 12 hours. It doesn't leave a whopping lot of time to do other stuff. I've pretty much quit watching TV altogether, which isn't a particularly bad thing, but it also means I'm neglecting my pooch, and I'm feeling massively guilty about that.

Life in a holding pattern.

Convergence is the next big goal. Projects abound through the July 4th weekend, and there are projects after that as well, but the huge, massive stuff should be done by Con. Well, other than the re-roofing which portends to be a big project just by itself. And installing the railing on the breezeway roof. Come to think of it, I'm smack full well into autumn.

Don't think about it. Just do it.

You know, I really don't want to spend my life this way.

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