Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Starts with me wanting to print a document. I have no printers installed. Go to the printer management screen, add new printer.

Network printer.

The network is very, very large. Apparently I can print documents in Kalamazoo quite easily, but I cannot print to the engineering printer, which is about 30 feet away.

Half an hour spent trying to find the printer on the network. It's very convoluted. Finally I find it.

Install it.

Oops, I need to install a printer driver that is not on the list.

Go see the IT guy.

He asks me to route the request through e-mail.

I don't have an internal e-mail account yet.

So I have to phone the help desk to request an e-mail account. Since it's already in the works, I have to request an expediency thing.

I ask the help desk if I can just get the printer driver installed. They take the order. They call the IT guy I talked to.

He's busy, so he'll get to it when he can.


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