Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yeah, okay, can't sleep.

Did I mention that the running of the network cable involved bashing through walls with a 30-lb. maul? I bet I didn't. There is something vaguely satisfying about wall-smashing. And I really did need it after today.

Sasha figured that she'd take me out to dinner, so I changed out of my sweat-drenched shirt and we headed over to Old China Buffet. It was nice. I don't have too much time left since she's moving out this weekend and into a nice big apartment with her man-goo Chris. It's been kinda nice having her around for a few weeks here and there. Now I'll be back to being alone but for critters (which is really pretty far from alone, but the conversations get pretty boring).

But I have a stack of DVDs I haven't seen and a house that needs fixin, so no time for maudlin crap. We gots a show to do!

Oh yeah... the super-secret project got cancelled, or at least postponed and changed in shape and time. So the October timeframe has opened up a bit, mostly to be filled with designing special effects for PREY, and most likely doing some color correction and other tweaky stuff. And of course working on the Big Broken Box™.

Now to design bullet hits that use no squibs...

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