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I am kinda bummed that I won't get to have a Halloween party this year. I was really looking forward to going all-out with the decorations (big surprise there, right?) and doing the back yard up as a graveyard, the whole works. This year I'll be lucky if I can hang up a few skeletons in the window.

I seem to get burned on Halloween a lot. I did have some fun a couple of years running with the scary porch, but most years there was something that came up, from having to work to having to fix an emergency car problem. And really the number of kids in the neighborhood is way down so it's not as much fun as it could be.

The party idea is much more fun though. I went to the one last year at Casa de Bruno which was a lot of fun and where I got to meet some new folks (well, new to me), but I really want to get back into the place whwere I was able to host parties and do lavish spreads and have some entertaining and a little scary fun.

My thought was to have two different parties: the first one would be more kid-friendly and general, where the second one would be adults-only and have booze and costume competitions like Most Creative Use of Duct Tape and Most Offensive to Community Standards (with bonus points if you win both).

But hey, there is always next year.

And I still need to have my Prison Release party. That one really needs to tie in with the rechristening of the Big Broken Box™, and pretty much requires a hot tub so I really need to budget for that along the way.

(Notice how I justified the hot tub there? I'm good.)

Tonight involves some serious guerilla filmmaking. We're shooting a short scene at an undisclosed location that has no power, and has rather high visibility. It should be tremendously interesting. Hopefully there will be no rain.

Tomorrow night involves some interesting camera work, and lighting from Beyond the Grave. Well, not so much, just going with a theme here. I do have a lighting effect that I want to try that might either be extremely cool, or total crap, I'm not sure which. I'm so avant-garde.

Wait, why hasn't lexinatrix bitch-slapped me yet?

Friday I'm a little nervous about. That's pretty much focused on one scene, and I'm not sure how to light it. It's a tricky scene, very powerful and intimate. But I also get to spend some time with the lovely lulu658, which makes me happy, and the possible Serenity midnight show.

I get the feeling that there will be sleeping on Saturday.

Sunday looks to be the day of Sasha-moving, so I'm betting that I and the trailer will be in motion at least part of the day. I'm hoping to get to visit with an out-of-town friend sometime over the weekend, so I'm keeping my options open.

Feeling warm inside. Might be the chili.

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