Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Last night I crashed when I got home, and napped for a couple of hours with the pooch. Got up in time to catch CSI and have it on in the background while I made yet another light unit. This one has been unofficially dubbed the "pizza light". I'll try and get some pictures of it in action tonight.

The rest was needed. I'm still not at 100% today, but I'm bang-on at 90%, and feeling pretty good overall. My neck and shoulders are a bit stiff-- actually, my whole back-- but it's not entirely unusual. I did manage to oversleep this morning, and with an obvious lack of planning, breakfast has come from a vending machine. Way to be healthy.

I'm really looking forward to tonight. We're shooting two scenes which is really focused shooting for us, and it's pretty key to the story. I've got a lighting arsenal that I think can handle pretty much anything, at least in the small-and-intimate sense, and I'm ready.

Both Tony and I are on the same page that this scene (or these scenes) need to be intimate. There's an undertone of something kinda creepy, as it really diagrams the relationship between two characters in a dominant/submissive sense, but there are a bunch of more subtle things happening there, too. It's a very emotionally full scene, and it really exposes the actors to vulnerability. Part of my job is to help provide an atmosphere of support and illusion enough to let them go to that place that they need to go to bring up the emotions that they need to carry the scene.

Really we've only shot one other scene that had that kind of emotional vulnerability. It's an awesome thing when it happens.

There are other reasons for looking forward to tonight, too. Some of which shall remain private for now.

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