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Good detective work

So in filling in some of the missing pieces from the documentation, I've had to spend a lot of time manually going through data and decoding it to verify that it is what I think it is. Taking things like

04 00 02 01 10 00 01 03 00 0C 00 04 41 58 34 36 30 31 36 45 33 30 30 00 04 00 00 00 20
02 00 13 00 00 05 18 99 8D 0C 59 03 80 00 83 00 00 93 07 00 20 03 00 0B 00 0C 00 83 00 00 93 07

And determining that this is a Nissan automatic transmission controller, type 4, model #AX46016 E300, and that the vehicle is not moving, the engine is not running, the throttle valve is almost entirely closed (9.412%), the automatic transmission fluid temperature is on the cold side (about 30%),
battery voltage is 11.059V, the engine RPM indicator is showing 384 RPM but there is a signal failure so it can't be trusted, the turbo speed sensor is showing 2848 RPM, but it also can't be trusted, the transmission is in 1st gear, the shift lever is in park or neutral, and a bunch of other stuff.

Now I have to do this all over again with the engine running, with the car moving, with several different models, and repeat it all for the engine computer, too. And different models provide different data in different formats.

The key to it is finding abstract patterns in raw data. And I'm very, very good at that.

Once I get consistent agreement, then I have to figure out how to program a decoder to do all the stuff automatically, interface it to an existing display system, and provide a demo channel that can "fake" the data from a vehicle so it can be used in demo mode.

Wow. That sounds like a lot.

No Pants tonight!

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