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Yes, well, apparently I'm now fighting off a sinus infection. Timely, what with the weather change and all. Makes for a bit o' misery in the whole breathing-and-headache department.

Watched another 20 minutes of "The Haunting" last night (thanks to windelina for the recommendation). I'd actually like to watch it from beginning to end, but stealing that much time from my day in one chunk doesn't seem likely real soon. It does however give me a great idea for a themed party. Not quite sure how to pull it off quite yet, but I'll think of a way.

I'm actually close to being able to organize the house. Since Sasha has moved out, her room is now mostly open but for a few things that were already there. I'm strongly considering moving the editing station out of the studio and into that room and having that be a computer room/office/library. That would open up the studio for excavation/demolition/cleaning/remodeling so I can actually get it back as usable space. Then the room formerly known as the Room Where No One Walks can be emptied of most of my Iowa stuff that remains, the carpet pulled, the floor sanded, and other repairs made. It would then become a TV room/guest room/massage room.

It's actually starting to come together.

The only damper would be if I decide to get a roommate. While I like the idea from a money and company perspective, I also like the idea of a solitary house that I can do with as I wish.

I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to move things about should I decide to take on a roommate later. And really, the upstairs bathroom needs to be remodeled to become useful in other than a bare-bones capacity.

Some of the stuff will happen this winter, when it's too cold to be working outside. One thing that I really want to do is set up workbenches in the basement. That will let me organize a lot of stuff that's far too scattered now.

I'm feeling excited about it again.
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