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Quick update.

Went up to Tony & Kristi's. The sump pump was a blowout because everybody has sold out of the particular model they need, and they ended up having to order it online. Instead we spent the evening moving heavy stuff out of their basement including a big-screen TV (hey, anyone looking for a good deal on a 52" rear-projection beastie?). After we got the big room mostly cleared out, we headed out to Baker's Square, and a nice dinner was had. And we were pretty much exhausted by the time we got back, so the few minutes of the Family Guy movie DVD were more bizarre than anything. Had to stop.

Sorry I missed your call Robin. It was nice to hear your voice though.

Got home around 2:00. Took some NyQuil for the sinus thing. Currently typing with my nose because my head is bowed so low.

That makes no sense.

I'm off to see the wizard. Good night.

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