Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Rob needs your support and donations
Rob needs to first go public
Rob needs Net Clued Lawyer, urgently
Rob needs some Dio's Rainbow mustard
Rob Needs a Job
Rob needs to move his legs and he prefers to do such with a lady
Rob needs 1 demonstrator in each room
Rob needs to realize that although conditions look similar, the laws are not
Rob needs to ask “What permits are required for this site to operate?”
Rob needs it
Rob needs to accept that there are occasions when it's all right for Theresa to take her time getting out the door
Rob needs the defined population
Rob needs help badly
Rob needs nurses
Rob needs to get laid
Rob needs more volunteers
Rob needs a handy win
Rob needs to make sue his new pet, Pinky, has enough to eat
Rob needs a refresher as to the meaning of perjury
Rob needs to get his ass in ear
Rob needs to quit his crying
Rob needs to logout
yes even Rob has needs:

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