Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

This morning I got a call from Sasha: she had an opportunity to pick up a couch and loveseat for her new apartment, but she had to move quick, and could she borrow me and the trailer?
Being unable to say no to a gorgeous redhead, I said yes, threw on some clothes and hooked up the trailer.
The couch and loveseat were actually pretty light, which though it does not bode well for their longevity, made it much easier to move them. Figure that I easily could pick up and move the full couch minus the cushions by myself and you might understand.
They did look nice though.

We had a small mishap with the couch and the woman's 2005 Audi TT which left a small scratch in the clearcoat. She was really cool about it though-- Sasha gave her some extra cash to help alleviate the bad karma, and we wrapped 'em up and drove to her new apartment.

Parking at the apartment was something of an adventure. There was no on-street parking left, so we had to pull into the alley and try and back the trailer into a slot between two garages, one of which had all of the trash cans lined up against it which left a path about five feet wider than the trailer into which I had to back up.

Five feet may seem like a lot. Trust me, it's not. It took me three tries before I got the trailer lined up well enough to actually back it in without hitting anything, which was annoying and was only exacerbated by the fucking idiot drivers who deemed that I was hogging the alley and tried to go around while I was backing up. It's a fucking alley, turn around and go the other way. Yes, it may be inconvenient and take you an extra minute to get to your parking space, but it beats the hell out of the dent that you will have in the side of your car if I suddenly change direction like I need to do while I'm backing in, you insufferable twit.

Anyway, I got the trailer in to a nice spot. Sasha blocked the doors open while I unwrapped the furniture, and we commenced to unloading.

First the loveseat. Easy to move, fairly easy to maneuver, and only a small pain getting it into the apartment. Take a short break, I sit on the arm, and CRACK!
I shoot up like I've been shot, and we turn around to look at the couch. It doesn't look bad, but if I press on it, it's obvious that something has come un-nailed inside.

Sasha is tremendously cool at this, but I'm kind of upset. We soldier on and get the cuishions and bring 'em in, and go back for the couch.

The full couch probably weighs 50 lbs, but it's a full-length beastie and it takes both of us to maneuver it around the doorway. I'm at the lead walking backwards and are going up the half-flight of stairs when I discover that the couch has an upholstery staple sticking out of it by way of it ripping a hole in my new T-shirt. Well, you know of all things that I managed to damage this early in the day, that's probably the cheapest.

It took some maneuvering, but we managed to get it in place. I managed to scare Sasha when I was lowering the couch down, because she couldn't see me and all she saw was the couch slowly tipping over, but it was fine and dandy.

Then her Chris called, and she invited me to lunch with them for helping out. And it was nice. We talked of theater and plays and writing, and were only thwarted by a large group of boisterous sports fans who were amazingly loud.

As we were leaving, I noticed that I was feeling kinda tired. Got home in time to run into jmanna who was coming to offer cleaning help. I promised to come over and swap a hard drive from one machine to another after it got dark, and I went inside.

I was planning to work on the porch, but as tired as I was feeling and knowing that I was still kinda fighting off the sinus infection, I decided that a nap wouldn't hurt.

I slept.

The phone rang.

It was Kristi, excited about the new TV, and talking about installation. Yes, I'd love to help.

Slept again.

The phone rang.

"This is bla-bla-bla carpet and window cleaning, and we have this great deal..."

I hung up. And I'm on the freaking do-not-call list.

I slept.

The phone rang. It was Jen, wondering when I'd come over.

It was already pretty dark. I had apparently napped for almost 5 hours. Cripes.

I made some dinner and headed over. Had some quality time with Jen, playing computer techie, a bit of videogaming with one of the strangest and highly addictive PS2 games I've ever seen. I ate the world. It was weird. And we talked. Until after midnight, when I finally had to go home.

When I walked in, Sadie was more subdued than I figured she would be, and then I heard a voice coming from the Room Where No One Walks. It was Barb. I had forgotten that she was coming down this weekend to cook up some smelly stuff for her papermaking class.


Robin is doing some family stuff tomorrow during the day. I'll hopefully be outside working on the porch until the evening when we can get together and I can become incommunicado and spend time with her and relax.

I love my friends, and I love to help out. But once in a while I need to disappear and be alone, and being alone with somebody that you like is sometimes the best way to be alone.

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