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Concrete blocks. Cutting with a diamond blade saw. Having to recut and trim all of them because they just didn't fit. Gluing them in place with a polyurethane masonry adhesive. Underlaying screen to block the holes for the cores that don't need to be poured all the way through to the footing. Laying in corrugated steel ties for the facing.
Something like five hours worth. I'm done for the day.

The house smells really bad because of the stuff that Barb is cooking on the stove. She left and went to work, so I have to look in on it and see that it's not completely boiled off and add water periodically.

My beard and a good chunk of my face is cemented in a mix of sweat and cement dust. I'm going to take a shower and wash off the layers of dust, then take a nap. And some ibuprofen.

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