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Feeling emotional tonight. An odd place for me, who has been so tied up in introspection and navel-gazing and trying to put words to the feelings, because words are easy for me. Words are the clay which I shape into sculpture. I'm comfortable with words, because they packetize things nice and neat, turn any feeling or thought into a black-and-white image that can be thrown about with aclarity and abandon, somehow taking away it's power like naming a demon.
But tonight the demons dance in my head, oh yes they do. They're having a party, and they're not giving out their names willingly.

But I think I have to let them play tonight. I have to let these feelings course through my system and have their way. It's been too long since they've been let out, and they need to be free for just a little while.

Tomorrow they'll be all hung over and subdued, and will go back in thir cages with minimal fuss. Tonight they raise hell.

Have at it boys.

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