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Weird dreams last night.

Dream the first:
Some unknown convention at some unknown hotel. The convention seemed to be more of a free-for-all about sex. I hooked up with some girl, we ended up doing a lot of talking, and she got frustrated with me and hooked up with some group playing some sort of dice-roll sex game. Everyone had tattoos and piercings, and I was obviously not in their group. I ended up going to the pool, which had some sort of bizarre electrodes in it.

Dream the second:
Was sent to China for work. Somehow the documentation that I had was never fully translated from the Chinese, so I was missing pages of crucial information which ended up making me look like a fool. There were translators who were saying that if I needed anything to ask them.

The second one I think I get-- it's about opening lines of communication in unfamiliar territory.

The first one-- maybe it's telling me I need to get a tattoo, or go swimming in an electrified pool.
It wasn't a sex dream. It was much more a dream about not fitting into a clique, about being not accepted. Or perhaps more about being undesired.

Or maybe I need electroshock therapy.


Oct. 11th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
Maybe too personal, sorry if it is.
I agree with the other post, I even think that sex dreams are either never about sex or almost never about sex.

It's usually about a change in your values, ethics or base personality. In your dreams, you fuck what you're changing into. If you had sex with someone from the tattooed, pierced crowd - I would say that you see yourself as becoming more deviant (or whatever tattoos and piercings mean to you).

You get to do the rest here. There's a part of you that's changing AWAY from something. There's some stuff about random chance, or maybe (because you're a geek) all the stuff that goes with RPGs and gaming.

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