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While I was out for lunch, I noticed that the guys in the truck next to me were actually aliens. I overheard their conversation-- telepathic of course-- and their plot to take over the world by infiltrating the sushi suply at the Holiday Station Stores with their alien spores.

But I stopped them. Oh yes. As they got out of their truck, I ran them down with my SuperMuncher attachment on the 'Sploder. Alien blood and guts flying everywhere. And nobody even seemed to notice. The aliens must have planted a brainwave cloudifier somewhere, probably at the top of that water tower. And I'm the only one who seems to be immune.

And now there are the bugs. Everywhere. And some of them are talking.

I picked a bad day to stop taking my antipsychotics.

In other news, I picked up a 12-pack of Diet Coke with Splenda. Still tastes an awful lot like Coke Zero, but if they come out with a lime version, I'm all over it. And I picked up the DVD versions of both PC Gamer and Gameworld since I haven't seen either for about a year now. I still have both DOOM3 and HALF-LIFE 2 unplayed on my big machine upstairs. And I think I have HALO PC somewhere uninstalled.

Of course, my consistent lack of gameplay could very well contribute to my earned nickname of "Bait" in HALO LAN gaming.

And it looks like there might be one more add to the HAUNT CRAWL 2005:

The Evilhill Dungeons.

Okay, truthfully, this is not a particularly scary haunt by any stretch of the imagination. But Dave Barnhill who puts it on is really a pretty good guy and does a lot of volunteer work with troubled kids. It's most likely gonna be an optional stop on the crawl for those who are more interested in the fear factor.

Incidentally, the date is zeroing in on Friday the 21st of October for those interested. This is barring us getting a spot in the Fargo Film Festival, but I haven't heard anything on it yet.

Bonus fun: I need to make a bunch of set walls in the near future, probably starting after this weekend. I have most of the materials already, though there will be a trip or two to 'Nards in my future, but I could probably use some help. It's pretty light construction, some painting and the like. And it will be outside since I don't have the space to do anything this big indoors. But think of the fun!

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