Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Had to do it again, you know.

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

What is dewey921's fantasy?
Being carried off in the strong arms of musical firefighters in kilts?
Is mlif hiding under your bed right now?
If he is, he's probably being eaten by rats.
Can azul_ros raise the dead to perform common household tasks?
If she could, I'd seriously consider marriage.
Of burnunit, cleo, and jm_engshaw, which one is most similar to revdj?
Nobody is similar to revdj.
When's the last time you saw redbird23?
Hmm... the WindyMonte housewarming?
What will be missmollygrue's last words?
"No, Really, it's easy. Watch..."
What kind of person would you set up with lokey?
Angelina Jolie. Just to watch his face.
Doesn't lucyruthe have anything better to do?
Apparently not.
How long have you known michaellee?
Time doesn't matter to a Timelord.
What would happen if you were to date theseamster?
Dogs and cats living together. And lots of static electricity.
Did eldogo leave the stove on again?
No. again is too far away, and I don't think eldogo would lift the stove that high.
Have you ever suspected capthek of being a lifelike robot?
Nah. Too much passion for that.
What would you say at geohard's funeral?
"Huh. I guess the blade was too sharp."
Why shouldn't cajones and ms_tek be a couple?
Because she would eat him alive.
How would ethel survive on a desert island?
By having lio build her a shelter.
What happened the last time you and weasel_king were hanging out together?
I'm pretty sure there was scotch involved. And there was a lot of laughing.
What's the last thing you said to pied_piper70?
Either "destruction" or "muffins". Same thing, if you've ever had my baking.
What does dracut think of America's involvement in Iraq?
I'm pretty sure he's against death.
Would windelina be better described as a hero or a villain?
A little bit of both. Actually, a lot of both.
How many siblings does lexinatrix have?
In her head?
Have you ever seen scarletdemon naked?
Only in my dreams.
What is the most insightful thing you have heard jeremythecomic say?
What would pandorasfox like to do for a living?
Do body makeup on Chippendale's dancers.
Could you take red_thong_diary in a fight?
Oh, yes. Over and over...
What does eowynmn look for in a significant other?
Do you really want me to answer this one?
Do you envy danae's job?
Envy isn't the right word.
Is crackle best described as a badger, a mushroom, or a snake?
Of the three, probably badger. Though really, Nobody is similar to crackle.
Where did mutedcolors go?
In the wash?
How many licks would fairoriana take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Whom does wiredferret get along best with?
silmarian. At least there has been no death...

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?


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