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Job Surfing

I applied on-line for a job today, and within ten minutes, I was rejected. I think it's a step in the right direction-- at least I got a response. Interesting job, though. Mostly work-at-home, with maybe 25% of the time spent on-site. I like that idea a lot, and even though the pay was less than my normal asking price, I would have taken it.

Barda came over today for a short visit; I made her watch Judge Judy. She and Barb went out bead shopping after that, and I went out to the location for our next film shoot. Looks pretty good; Baylor brought the camera, and we did some test shots for the framing. It looks like we will be able to shoot everything at one location. Sweet. BTW, Barda's hair looks nice, and she was being all cute and all.

I'm still doing my blue funk impression, and being all hidey. I did take the dog outside for a little game of chase-the-red-thing, but it was way too cold for me to be out there, and I had to come in after about ten minutes.

My mom got back from her cruise. She took a boat around the south end of South America, around Cape Horn, and visited the penguins. During the cruise, they got caught in a hurricane, and had 60-foot waves to deal with. She says she has some interesting pictures.
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