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Early morning fog

Driving in to O-town this morning, there was a blanket of fog over everything that leant itself to drifty thoughts. Lapsing in and out of areas of gray where the world simply stopped existing a couple hundred yards out made it look like the world was full of possibilities, like if I just thought about it, the world would be somehow be subtly different, and all the problems would go away.
About ten miles north of my destination, the fog was so thick that you couldn't even see the northbound lane of the freeway. It was like driving in an alien landscape, or somebody's dream.

Bad mood lately. Lots of stuff cruxing again. I have two court dates on the same day now for entirely different things. I have to finish the house repairs in the next two weeks. I have three weeks to finish the death project. I have to clean the studio this week. We are shooting Friday night, then leaving town Saturday morning.

(problem listed previously was not a problem after all.)

Meme: 10 Random answers

1.) Generally, Blue. Deep cobalt blue.
2.) Consistency.
3.) Yes, once. And he had extremely large hands.
4.) Steak is usually a good choice, though I suppose chicken is healthier.
5.) Probably nectarines.
6.) Linger.
7.) Neuromancer.
8.) Yes. I'm quite good at it.
9.) Sense of humor. And an ability to communicate.
10.) Indeed, you should not have to look in my ass for your car keys.

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