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Sorry to disappoint.

Confessional. Things that have been on my mind lately.

1.) No, I am not actually insane or psychotic. I'm actually quite mentally healthy, though I live in my head a great deal and I fret. A lot.

2.) No, I don't have demons that live in my head and talk to me. That is pure artistic license. I use the analogy to describe things like self-doubt and the frenzy of introspection that comes with fretting. If you've ever not been able to sleep because your head was whirling like a tornado, you know exactly what I mean.

3.) Yes, I've done drugs. Not all of them, but more than a couple. There was a time when I went beyond "casual" use and was probably in the "professional" category. Reagan was president, so I blame him. These days I'm pretty clean. Boringly so.

4.) I like a lot of things about myself. Not everything, but for the most part I'm okay with who I am and what I've become. I wish I had a better body, but I don't. I'm pretty strong, but not so good on endurance. It's better than it was, so I have improved.

5.) I hate going to doctors.

6.) I get really uncomfortable at weddings and funerals.

7.) I have a great interest in the "occult"; big surprise there. I'm kind of on the Fox Mulder train: I want to believe, but I need evidence. I also do Tarot card readings, though not nearly enough to be fully conversant. I have a great love of the supernatural in the wide sense: I've had enough experiences that lead me to believe that there's more out there.
Bear in mind that I also put religious studies in the "occult" category.

8.) I am a synaesthete. I get sensory crossover. Things like my sense of taste also has color, shape, and texture. This also makes music a phenomenal experience at times.

9.) This may make sense only to musicians, but I'm most comfortable living in E minor, with D minor running a close second.

10.) I have had experiences which qualify as "paranormal". Among these have been prescient dreams (of a really useless variety), being able to "read" moods (and sometimes images), and occasionally hands-on healing. None of these things happens with enough regularity to be reliable, though I stay away from large crowds (like the Mall of America) because of the intensity of all those people.


Oct. 12th, 2005 06:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing. Your mind is fun.

Thanks for playing. It's like a sandbox for the weird. :)

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