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Spent some time at the Arkham Asylum last night for cajones's birthday soiree. It was good seeing a bunch of friends, as well as meeting some new ones, but I have to say that the folks there were an eclectic bunch. Topics of conversation ranged from Wallace and Gromit slash porn to comic book adventures (seeing as there were a few professionals in attendance it only makes sense), and there was much amusement to be had in watching various silent movies with random iTunes tracks for the audio.

My favorite amusement of the night possibly came from something that I picked up at the Wedge on the way to the party:

I didn't even notice it until I went to open the package.

There was something of a theme set, as watching some Douglas Fairbanks pirate movies we decided that it was in actuality gay pirate porn, and there was much laughter at the MST3K-ing of that, Zorro, and Nosferatu (Look! It's Ed Asner in unfortunate trousers!).

And some trippy late night cartoonage. Wow.

Very warm fun. Thanks to cajones, chebutykin, and the rest who shall remain unlisted to save my typing fingers.

Now I must eat more tasty homos.

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