Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Something happened last night after we were done shooting.

It was like somebody hit my off switch. I went from being up and relatively full of energy to being flat-out exhausted in no time. And today it's still staying with me-- if it hadn't been for a meeting today, I probably would have called in sick because I'm so bloody tired.

I go in tomorrow for some lab work. They will take my blood and run a bunch of tests, then I get to start on a round of doctor visits. Generalists, specialists, and whatever else comes up.

Somewhere buried not very deep inside me is concern.

Maybe it's stress. Maybe I have too much going on (not like that would ever happen) and I need to back off for a while.

Yeah, right.

There's the porch. I am out of time for pouring concrete, and it's got to be done. That means tonight I have to prep everything and tomorrow do the final pour. Otherwise it's going to start freezing, and that will pretty much make pouring impossible.

There's prepping for next week of shooting. I have to get some blood packs ready, as well as finish up the work on the camera dolly.

There's also shooting this Saturday for which I need to create some makeup effects, plus I have to unload the 'Sploder and make an extra trip to Casa de Bruno to pick up the rest of the lighting gear.

Friday is the Haunt Crawl.

I have no more time.
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