Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Cut me, do I not bleed?

I had blood drawn today. A metric gaggle of blood tests this time, something like seven different tests. I return in a week for the results and to start the first recommendations for specialists.


True to form, even being sickish yesterday, I decided to cut and frame the vents and access door for the porch as well as figuring out how to join the PVC for the dolly track so we can have a "seamless" run of 30 feet or more. Clever be I, says me. Yarr!

Tonight I have to make a quick stop at Home Despot for some additional concrete block thingies and a couple more lengths of PVC. I need to unload the 'Sploder so I can get the remaining equipment from Casa de Bruno. And I need to attach the final form boards so I can pour and strike the last of the concrete if I ever get warm enough days/nights.

Tomorrow night is the Haunt Crawl. 7:00 at Trail of Terror. Get your tickets online to avoid a long wait.

Saturday I go to Casa de Bruno to collect equipment, then head off to a long night of shooting, like well into Sunday morning.

Sunday is as much of a down day as I can take, except that I have to make bloodbags for the shooting stuff that happens. I might swap around the attaching of the form boards and the bloodbags and do those tonight.

Monday-Thursday will be shooting at Valentino's. This is what I need the blood bags for. A kind of a marathon happening, but then we will be done with principal photography.

Next weekend will require some serious relxation therapy. I'm thinking hotel room, hot tub, and booze, if I can find someone to watch my pooch. That might be too ambitious. It may just end up being a hot shower and porn.

I don't think I remember how to relax.

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