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Well, I'm no longer a young man.

No, I don't mean that I had my testicles removed or anything, but I just sort of got defined into "middle aged white guy". Pretty much the same thing if you think about it.

All it really means is that I can't chase after the young twenty-somethings that pepper the landscape unless I have a fistful of cash and she's scantily clad.

Actually, that's not such a bad idea.

theseamster has a formula for the minimum age that one should date: take half your age and add seven. For me, that works out to somewhere in the 28-29 neighborhood. That's nearing retirement age for strippers.

But yet another friend (who shall remain nameless) has pointed out that there seems to be an awakening that happens around that time. Maybe life has kicked you around enough that you become a little less cocky, that you gain that ineffable thing called maturity. Certainly that isn't true for everyone, but there is something about coming up against that thirtysomething wall that changes most folk.

And yeah, it's different for everyone. There are some who mature faster from extraordinary circumstances, and some who never quite seem to reach it at all-- but there is a day where you find yourself realizing that you really aren't all that special, that you can spend a day outside in public without dressing for it and not realize it until that night, that you find youself saying "turn that crap down" to the kids who are blaring their music too loud.

Everyone reacts differently. Some just shrug and realize that they have more important things to do. Some try and recapture lost youth by coloring their hair and becoming fashion pigs. Some go into a deep depression. Some buy penis-replacement cars and chase young women and just end up looking foolish.

Um, what was I saying again?

Oh, yeah. Hot "older" chicks. They got it goin' on, baybee.

(Sorry, me trying to be "hip". Hop. Whatever.)

Look, there was a point in here somewhere, but it's just dead-ended. I got nothing.
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