Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

No big surprise, last night I made blood packs. The blood I made with sugar-free gelatin dessert, about 18 boxes of black cherry and 4 lime, mixed very thick. I was going to add food coloring, but the color came out to be darn near perfect, and the texture is simply amazing. When it's warm, it oozes like thick blood, and as it cools, it starts to gel and looks like it's clotting. Of course, if it gets too cold, it ends up looking like you spilled Jell-O. It also turns your skin red. Really red. Until you shower. Robin's gonna love me...

I also made a bit of prosthetic makeup for something which shall not be named. It's pretty disgusting, which is perfect for what it is.

Tonight is the Haunt Crawl. I needs my fix, man!

The only thing I didn't get accomplished last night was the unoading/organizing of the 'Sploder. That's a good Saturday thing. I did loosen up the wheels on the dolly, though I still haven't made a handle for it which it pretty much needs.

All things in good time.

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