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After finishing up with the various bits of lifery last night, I managed to sneak in a few minutes of Silent Hill 4.
A lot of people don't like the Silent Hill series. It moves too slowly for them-- they want something more like DOOM where if it moves, shoot it.

Thing is, I like the slower-paced cinematic nature of Silent Hill. I hate the user interface-- it's a definite port from the Playststion-- but the story is creepy, the atmospheres are rock-on, and it's just plain spooky as all get-out.

It does have a few concession-to-gameplay moments that are kinda crap. There's a huge escalator with things that come out of the walls to beat you that is not creepy or scary or anything but annoying. For the most part though, it's got a high surreal quotient that's perfect for late-night quiet time.

It's also very Japanese-horror influenced, which gives it a nice tangy exotic flavor.

Somewhere in a box, I still have an unplayed Silent Hill 3 that got crap reviews. I'm betting I'll like it.
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