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Haunt Crawl 2005:

The cold and rain caused a change to plan B, which also caused a dissociative rift in which we got separated. jmanna and I were unable to contact cajones and chebutykin, so we ended up going to Fright Farm alone. Happily we met up with Haunt Brian and Mark, who managed to sneak us in through the back door and give us a backstage tour while we were at it. It was nice because the farm was Hella busy.

It's marvelous. Go. See. Do.

We hung around for a bit and I got a chance to talk with Haunt Brian, but we eventually wandered off in search of corn dogs and mini donuts, and on the road we went to the other place, FrightNight.

Which we thought was closed.

Turns out it wasn't, they just weren't busy at all. They were accepting food shelf donations for a couple bucks off the tickets, and I just happened to bring along a box full of stuff for the foodshelf, which turned out beneficial for all involved.

They gave us a rope to hold on to. I figured it was going to be a tow-through haunt, but instead, they just let us go in. Holding this stupid bit of rope.

Now think of this: you're working in a haunted house for several hours. Nobody's been coming in. You're bored. You want to do something. You want patrons that are active and participating in what you are doing.

So I start screaming like a girl at everything. And sure enough, everybody springs into action. They try and scare us. They scare each other. It was chaos, there was much laughter, then I heard it: the starting of the dreaded chainsaw.

I loathe the chainsaw. It's a cheap parody of itself fifteen times over. It was scary once, back in 1973. Now it's just loud and annoying. I've seen every variation on the chainsaw, from an electric drill to a belt sander to a handheld eggbeater (okay, the eggbeater was funny), but the chainsaw was always just annoying.

Until tonight.

He couldn't get it started.

All I heard was the sound of the chainsaw trying to start. Pull, sputter. Pull, sputter.

It was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. I know it was purely accidental, but it just struck me as the funniest take on the chainsaw bit ever.

We made it out unscathed, with much hilarity, and a bunch of the haunt crew following us still scaring each other and laughing. They liked us.

The guy in the fire suit ended up introducing himself. Turns out he's the owner of Costumes for your Eyes, which is awesome. This guy has passion about what he does, and it was very cool. Turns out he's also a friend of Crist Ballas, who is going there to do a demo tomorrow (check out Crist's IMDB data).

Yeah. I ended up networking at a haunted house. Go figure.

cajones called. They had just come back home from the Fright Farm, which meant that they were probably there when we were there but we just missed them, but they were back at the Asylum and having a zombie burning. Actually it was just a fire, but it's more fun to think of burning zombies.

So we headed to the asylum, where we met up with michaellee and frozendragon as well. And lo, there was the slaying of many marshmallow/chocolate/graham cracker creatures. It was nice.

Of course, this means that Haunt Crawl Phase II will be happening next week. Trail of Terror, possibly Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Let me know if one suits your schedule more. I'm leaning toward Friday, but it may be less crowded on Thursday.


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Oct. 22nd, 2005 02:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, my God...the chainsaw thing is fucking hysterical!

Oct. 22nd, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
It was the hoot.

Though now I have a lovely idea for a short film...
Oct. 22nd, 2005 03:03 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I had to turn around, but I really did scare myself in the car. I got home, had a sip of decaf coffee, and slept until 8:30 this morning.

Guess I needed that.

Phase II can't be next Thursday, as we're filming Monday - Thursday at Valentinos.
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