Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Finally got away from meetings today-- it's been hella busy.

Went over to Robin's last night for dinner. It could have gone badly. It didn't.

She made a rather excellent chicken and rice dish, and we had some mellow and relaxing time listening to music and talking. I've become rather enamored of Mazzy Star now. :)

It was a very nice capper to an exhausting weekend, and I'm glad.

Tonight we start shooting at Valentino's. It's going to be a bit grueling, but the gruel is spread out over four days so it won't be that bad. I'm looking forward to using the new dolly in a place with a flat floor so it will actually move like it should.

Which reminds me: I'm putting out a last call for gothy extras. We need some extras to be vampires in your traditional gothy vampire club on Wednesday and Thursday evening of this week. We would need you both days for reasons of continuity. It's easy and fun, and you get to see me working movie magic. Definitely worth the price of admission. :)

I also may have figured out a way to extend my concrete pour timeline. I have a bunch of styrofoam and plywood that was originally going to be used for forms, but is now taking up space in the shed. If I use that on the outer walls to insulate and put a space heater on the inside of the underporch, I think I can actually keep it warm enough for the week or so that it will take to cure that I can actually finish the concrete work next week. And it will let me clean out the shed and organize it as well without feeling guilty.

Haunt Crawl Phase II is zeroed in on Friday, 7:00 at Trail of Terror. Strong suggestion that you get advance tickets via the website, because being Halloween weekend the place will be packed.

Huh. Yet another week full of stuff. Saturday is blocked off for a party. Sunday is fairly free. Monday is Halloween, and the Scrimshaw Show special at the BLB.

And then blessed sleep.

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